The Most Wonderful Time of the Year … for Weddings!

Roger Igo
3 min readOct 22, 2021

Think June brides and grooms are in the majority? You might be surprised to learn September is a more popular month for weddings, though just by a nose. As autumn rolls into winter, however, the number of weddings falls off — making a ceremony that coincides with Hannukah, Christmas, or Kwaanza a unique opportunity to warm hearts in even the chilliest weather.

When the season is already merry, bright, and filled with light, it can take a little extra imagination to stand out.

Here are some ways to capture the spirit of the holidays while adding your own “marry” twist, too.

Create an invitation that won’t be mistaken for a greeting card. Sure, it’s tempting to design a stationery suite in traditional red and green then stick a Santa postage stamp on it, but be careful: Your invitation could get mixed in with the regular holiday mail and be set aside to open later. To stand out, think about a different palette — the frosty blues and greys of a winter sky, sparkling metallic hues, or rich tones like burgundy or navy blue.

Outfit your wedding party in seasonal fashion. When the temperatures go down, warmer clothes and layers come out. Winter weddings are the perfect time for velvets, plaids, and over-the-top sparkles that would seem out of place any other season. Toss the strappy sandals and sub in stylish boots, instead. Wear a hooded (faux) fur stole over your bridal gown. Bridesmaids in rich red for a Christmas wedding? Check. Groomsmen decked out in blue-and-white striped ties for a Hannukah wedding? Why not? A flower girl wearing a Kente cloth skirt for a Kwanzaa wedding? So cute.

Play up the holiday décor.

Greenery makes festive and fragrant décor. Menorahs add flickering light. And what could be more romantic than mistletoe hanging everywhere! Wedaways suggests layering your table décor just like you do your wardrobe this time of year, adding table runners and chair covers for warmth and depth.

If your venue allows it, hang ornaments from the chandeliers to heighten the holiday cheer; draping string lights can have a similar effect. And you’ll never find a better time to incorporate woodland centerpieces like a reindeer bust surrounded by pinecones. It’s a natural look for a winter wedding.

Spice up — and warm up — the menu. Low temperatures call for steamy beverages like wassail (mulled wine), hot cider, hot toddies, buttered rum, herbal teas, hot chocolate, and coffee. Your caterer can help you map out a perfect hearty winter meal; prime rib, lobster bisque, baked ziti, and red beans and rice are all cozy choices.

Gifts are for giving. At the end of your event, send off your guests with favors they’ll cherish. One couple had their name and the wedding date engraved on silver bells for guests to incorporate into their own holiday décor year after year. Ornaments and holiday candles are always welcome; thermoses are uniquely appropriate; and to go green in an entirely different sense, consider handing out baby pine trees.

The options for creating an enchanting holiday wedding are practically endless. Between the magic of the season and the romance of the day, your holiday wedding is sure to shine.

About the Author:

Roger Igo is the founder and CEO of special events venue, The Bell Tower on 34th, along with Excellent Events, and Venues in Houston. He is the author of “Keep On Going, The History of The Bell Tower on 34th,” a former radio host, a graduate of CEO Space International, and an alumnus of The Disney Institute.



Roger Igo

CEO: Excellent Events catering, The Bell Tower on 34th venue and Venues in Houston. Author of “Keep On Going, The History of The Bell Tower on 34th.”